WiFi Router Guard – Blocks EMF Exposure

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The WiFi Router Guard made by Smart Meter Guard is a custom built Faraday cage that blocks about 90% of the EMF or RF waves WiFi Routers emit. Simple and easy to use. The Router Guard is made for most small WiFi routers that are smaller than 12 x 9 x 3 inches fits almost all commercial routers. Please measure your router and make sure there at least 1 inch space for the cables to fit. The Router Guard does not fit large routers like the Comcast xfinity or ATT Uverse routers. If your router is larger than this dimension or you have the Xfiniti or Uverse routers please see our Large Router Guard product on our web site. If you measure the emissions please use either the Gigahertz solution HF 35C or the Cornet ED88T RF meter. Other RF meters are not accurate or measure only the magnetic field when you need to measure the Electric field. Please email us of you need help measuring RF.



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