10Gtek Compatible for Arista AOC-Q-Q-40G-5M, 40Gb QSFP+ Direct-Attach Active Optical Cable, QDR, MMF, 5-Meter

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Size:5-Meter(16.5ft)  |  Color:For Arista Compatible for Arista AOC-Q-Q-40G-5M Form Factor: QSFP+ Fiber Type: MMF Data Rate: 40Gbps Distance: 5-meter Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C (32 to 158°F) Hot Swappable: Yes Warranty: 3-year 10Gtek’s Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (QSFP+) active optical cables (AOC) are high-performance active optical cable with bi-directional signal transmission and aggregate 56-Gbps bandwidth for Infiniband FDR(4-Channel x14-Gbps); also backwards compatible with Infiniband QDR and Ethernet 40Gbase-SR4 expands. Compared to conventional copper cables, longer and lighter optical cables enable the ease of complicated data-center cablings. The AOCs utilize multimode fiber with 850-nm VCSELs and PIN PDs. The certificated cables have superior signal integrity and bit-error-rate, which enables reliable operation performance. Features: ● 4-channel bi-directional AOC with aggregate bandwidth of 56-Gbps (Electrical Interface Only) ● Compliant to SFF-8643 QSFP+ Specification Revision 4.1 ● Support 56-Gbps aggregate data-rate links up to 100-m ● Low power consumption of max 1.5W (Compliant to Power Level 1) ● Full Digital Diagnostics Monitor Interface ● Hot pluggable electrical interface ● 0 to 70°C case temperature operating range ● RoHS Compliance and Lead-Free Applications: ● Infiniband FDR, QDR, DDR,and SDR ● 40GBASE-SR4 Ethernet links ● 4G/8G/10G Fiber Channel ● SATA/SAS Storage ● HPC Interconnects ● Proprietary Interconnections



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